Where to Find the Best Dog Training Books

To pick the best dog training book out of everything that’s available out there is quite a challenge. So much has been written about how to train your dog that hardly knows where to even start looking.

When I got my first dog I wanted to make sure it would get be best training I could give her as a brand-new owner of a puppy. I was in for a shock when I went online for some research and stumbled on some seven million websites with information on how to train a dog. How was I ever supposed to find the best dog training books in all of that?

So what I’m trying to do for you here is filter through this storm flood of information and get you the gist of what I found out.

One of the first things you want to do when looking for the best dog training books is to make sure the book in question caters to your dog’s age and type.

Many dog training books on the market cover the basic rules and training techniques that apply to any dog at any age. But if you want a program for your particular dog that best understands it, age-wise, breed-wise, etc., and best caters to its specific needs, you will find a long list of books specifically address what you’re looking for.

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of training are thinking about for your particular dog?

– Is general obedience what you’re looking for?

– Do you want it to learn different kinds of tricks?

– Are you trying to curb your dog’s aggressiveness?

– Is your dog going to be protecting you home?

– Is your dog a hunting breed? Will it have to fetch game or point?

Each of these questions has different answers and requires different kinds of training. Take a moment and think about what your plans are for your dog and what kind of behavior you want to strengthen in it and then research for a specialty book or DVD series that caters to your dog’s specific needs.

Find The Best Websites To Sell Your College Textbooks To

If you’re looking to find the best websites to sell your college textbooks to then your in the right place. I have complied a list of websites that allow you to compare book prices, so you can find the best sites to sell your used textbooks on. Now with so many websites that buy, sell, and rent textbooks it is becoming ever more difficult to decide which one to use, and with more sites popping up every day that compare textbook prices, students now have to decide which one of these they should use. With over two hundred websites that deal with buying used textbooks, using a textbook search engine to compare the prices of these sites will be a vital time saver for college students.

I have chosen five textbook search engine websites that compare textbook prices well:

– Book Scouter
– Direct Textbook
– Book Finder
– Big Words
– Cheap-Textbooks

A few weeks ago I compared the ‘Best Websites To Sell Used Textbooks’ on, and I did all of the leg work myself, going to each website individually to compare textbook prices. Of course it was pointed out to me by my comrades that they would use a textbook search engine to compare prices, and that is what I should have used too. The first site that was suggested to me was Book Scouter, I decided to use the same book that I had used previously, Robbins Basic Pathology, as a control in this experiment and will refer to it as the control or textbook in this article.

Book Scouter Review:

Book Scouter says it “helps you to sell your books for the highest price. It compares prices from over 40 book-buying websites so that you can quickly find the site that is paying the most for your books.” When we compared the textbook prices we received results for 21 websites. The top five were:

1. Textbooksrus.com $43.25
2. BookStores $43.25
3. Amazon.com Buyback $43.00 *store credit
4. FirstClassBooks.com $41.69
5. We Buy Textbooks $38.70

Our top five results from a few weeks ago looked like this:

1. Campus Book Rentals: $41.69
2. Textbooks R Us: $40.00
3. College Book Renter: $39.00
4. Bunches of Books: $38.70
5. Phat Campus: $37.00

Although the price of the book has gone up by a couple of dollars Book Scouter seems to have excluded three of our top five results when we used their search engine to compare textbook prices. Book Scouter actually excluded our number one pick to sell our textbook to Campus Book Rentals.

Direct Textbook Review:

Direct Textbook says it “searches over 200 online bookstores for cheap textbooks, to save you money and time. We also help you get more for your used books with our college textbook buyback price search.” We received offers from 18 stores their top five looked like this:

1. TextbooksRus $43.25
2. BookStores $43.25
3. Amazon Trade-In $43.00 *store credit
4. WeBuyTextbooks $38.70
5. Chegg $28.71

When we used Direct Textbook to compare prices it did return the same top three results as Book Scouter, but it did not have First Class Books in its search results which was willing to buy our control book for $41.69. Direct Textbook also did not compare textbook prices for: campus book rentals ($41.69), College book renter ($39.00), and bunches of books ($38.70). Which were in our top 5 best websites to sell used textbooks to last week.

Book Finder Review:

Book Finder does not state how many sites it uses to compare textbook prices, but it does state that shipping costs are included. The results from their book buy back search engine looked like this:

1. TextbooksRus $43.25
2. AbeBooks $43.25
3. Amazon $43.00 *store credit
4. Valore Books $23.62
5. eCampus $18.00

Book Finder breaks the trend a little bit by introducing AbeBooks that tied the top dog TextbooksRus for the number one spot. Yet again it excluded campus book rentals ($41.69), College book renter ($39.00), and bunches of books ($38.70) that we found to provide students with some competitive prices from a couple of weeks ago. Even though Book finder introduces AbeBooks it seems to only compare textbook prices for seven textbook websites, which excludes a lot of websites that could offer you more money for your textbook.

Big Words Review:

Big words promises big results stating “BIGWORDS compares the best textbook stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbooks on the planet.” we used their search engine to compare prices and got these results:

1. TextbooksRus $43.25
2. Amazon $43.00 *store credit
3. FirstClassBooks $41.69
4. SellBackYourBook $24.59
5. eCampus $20.00 *with coupon

Although they promised big time results when we used them to compare textbook prices they came up average with their listings. Leaving out AbeBooks, BookStores, campus book rentals, college book renter, and bunches of books. Some of the stores that they excluded actually had prices that matched their search engines best offer.

Big words did offer some interesting alternatives where you could list the book through auction sites that were selling the control book for more than what the book buy back websites were offering.

Cheap-Textbooks Review:

Cheap-Textbooks is a basic website that simple states “The Textbook Buyback Price Finder quickly reveals best place to sell textbooks online. The secret to sell used textbooks at the highest price is to comparison shop and use up-to-the-minute information.” We completely agree with you that’s why we’re comparing you to your peers:

1. TextbooksRus $43.25
2. Amazon $43.00 *store credit
3. FirstClassBooks $41.69
4. SellBackYourBook $24.59
5. BlueRocketBooks $24.10

Cheap-Textbooks stays consistent with its peers and places TextooksRus as the number one store to sell our control textbook on. It does not however compare textbook prices with AbeBooks, BookStores, campus book rentals, college book renter, and bunches of books.

Best Website To Compare Textbook Prices:

Choosing the best website to compare textbook prices is a tough decision as the five search engines that I used all had the same site as number one, but in the end I would have to go with Book Scouter.

Book Scouter found four websites that would buy our textbook for forty plus dollars, none of the other sites returned results that could match this. My biggest disappointment would be with all of the sites reviewed as none of them included the real top five websites to sell our textbook on, it would have been nice to find one site that gave us these result:

1. TextbooksRus.com $43.25
2. AbeBooks $43.25
3. BookStores $43.25
4. Amazon.com Buyback $43.00 *store credit
5. Campus Book Rentals $41.69
6. FirstClassBooks.com $41.69
7. CollegeBookRenter $39.00
8. We Buy Textbooks $38.70
9. BunchesOfBooks $38.70

These previous textbook buyer websites show a true representation of where it would be most profitable to sell our textbook. Of course when it’s time for you to compare textbook prices your results may vary because of what book your selling and what time of year it is, as you can see just a couple of weeks ago TextbooksRus was my second best offer and now it’s tied for number one. When selling your textbooks there will be a lot of variables that you have to juggle like store credit vs. cash, coupons, free shipping, and more. I would suggest using a combination of these search engine sites to compare textbook prices, but at the same time do your own research as these sites do not list every textbook site that is willing to buy your books. Using a textbook search engine to compare prices is a big time saver when your selling textbooks back, but don’t trust the results of just one website use a combination of all the resources available to you.

How Do You Choose the Best Books on Relationships? – The Answer Will Surprise You!

If you and your ex have just gone through a breakup, you may be in the market for some books about relationships. How do you choose the best books on relationships from the many offerings out there?

Within this article you will discover how you can choose the best books about relationships

You Will Be surprised by the answer. Read on . . .

First, and I know you have seen them, try not to pay attention to fancy initials or letters after the author’s name. In our society today there is an abundance of people that use school to escape from real life. These people spend their time doing research on past history in libraries or just spending time in their classrooms because this is easier than actually engaging with real people.

So, just due to natural progression, when they hit age 35, they have accumulated a lot of official sounding letters after their names.

The problem with that is, they don’t have any experience in how things work in the outside world. So no matter how many degrees they may have accumulated that show they have “expert knowledge”, none of that knowledge is based on actual experience.

Instead, you want to look for books by relationship authors that have actually “been there and done that” so to speak. These authors have frequently been involved in a personal relationship that went bad, that they put back together themselves. Or in some cases, they have helped an acquaintance or friend put a relationship of theirs back together. The people that the author helps are not just random therapy patients that have dropped by for their “50 minute consultation hour” either. These are actually relationships involving people the author cares deeply about.

Next, try to avoid books that are focused on “putting your relationship aside for a month and spending that time improving yourself”.

It is not uncommon to find a 50 page “get-your-ex-back” e-book on the market that someone has developed using these pieces of “fluff” that are not worthy of your attention or, more importantly, your money.

What you want to do instead is locate a book that actually provides you with new information – information that is not easily available through the advice of your friends.

For example, will an explanation of what women need most even be in the book? Will it provide any kind of step-by-step plan that shows you how to give her what she craves? Will the book you find suggest any specific techniques that will help you relieve the pain and help you recover from your recently ended relationship?

Lastly, consider the source of the recommendations for this book. If there are testimonials, do they seem realistic or far-fetched? Were the people that wrote them experienced, qualified people?

For your needs, you want relationship books that are recommended by a diversity of people in various situations and from different walks of life.

If the evidence presented in the book shows you that both a man from England and a recently engaged woman from Nevada have been helped, then there is a good chance that you will find it helpful in your situation as well.

Unfortunately although you will find an abundance of relationship books on the market, the majority of them are just drivel. The authors that wrote them lack the experience, education and ability to give you true advice on your relationship. The result is that you only get generic advice that really has little value.

Much as most areas of relationships require work, you may find that it takes a while to find the best books dealing with relationships. It is important that you invest your time, your money and your efforts to find the very best relationship book available.