Best Seller Books on Relationships May Make a Fool of You – How to Find the Right Book

Going through a bad break up?
Badly missing yourex ?
Want to get back with your ex?

If the answer to all the above is YES then I am sure you are looking for a good book on relationship advice and making up. If that is the case, read this article as I explain how to find the right book.

Firstly, if the book is a best seller that is no reason for it to be a good book. I have myself read many best sellers and not been quite satisfied with them reason being everyone has their own taste, mine could be different from others. Another reason could be the author has publicized the book well enough. Marketing is what makes the difference here so do not be fooled by the number of sales. What you can look out for are – real like success stories aka testimonials for the book. The more the testimonials, you can be assured it is a safe bet and a good buy.

Another bit of advice do not go by the authors education. Who says a PHD writer is better than a simple graduate? I do not believe in this theory at all. Educational qualification does matter but not a great deal – definitely should not be a criteria when you go buying a book. For a good relationship book look for an author who has been in a bad relationship and overcame it – who might want to share his own success story with everyone.

Then look out for the number of people the book has helped, anywhere over 5000 couples is a winner for sure. I mean a guy who has helped over 5000 couples get back together through a book, has to have something useful to offer rather than the general advice given by family and friends after a breakup.