Finding the Best Running Shoes

Go to a store that caters to runners. These sales associates know more about running and the science behind your stride and the perfect shoe. Sometimes they will have you run on a treadmill to analyze your running gait and stride or they may have you run down the street. Running magazines are great when trying to find a running shoe store or you can search through your local phone book.

There are stores that specialise in running shoes that will test you on a treadmill with a machine that will figure out exactly what you need to be comfortable and get the best from your running shoes.

Look at the bottom of your shoe and notice where the tread shows wear. This is the area that your foot tends to fall when you place it on the ground as you are running.

Take a look at your shoes on the ground while they are side by side. If your shoe caves in toward the middle, then you don’t have enough stability in your shoe. If your shoe tends to tilt the opposite direction, you could possibly have a high arch and in this case you will need a good shock-absorbing shoe.

If you are able to see your little toe or big toe outline and you have some discomfort, then it is good to get a wider or larger type of shoe.

Never take running shoes for granted. Research and find the best ones for your feet so that you can experience running on a whole new level without the pain.