Homeschooling: Which Are The Best Books To Teach Your Child How To Read?

Parents who opt to home school their kids usually face two challenges. On the one hand, how to choose the best books for them to read and, on the other hand, how to turn them into naturally eager readers. Fortunately, once your child is enticed to read with books he finds interesting, he embraces reading not just as something he does for school but as something he really likes doing.

The answer to which are the best books to teach your child how to read is quite easy to answer: you should offer him the ones that deal with issues he likes. As long as you know what your kid’s interests are it will be easy for you to find books he may like reading.

However, many a time your child’s interests change without you being aware of that and you may end up offering reading material he does not find appealing or challenging. If you want to avoid this problem, here are some strategies that are worth trying.

Let Him Pick His Books
The reading lesson can be a great time for your kid’s mind to wander about and not focus on what he is doing. Thus, instead of improving his reading skills he will improve his abilities to be oblivious. Fortunately, this can easily be avoided if you let him choose his own books. Your child may gladly surprise you by choosing books that can be totally different from your expectations. Trust his instincts and let him pick the best books for him. Your only responsibility is to ensure that the ones he chooses are right for his age and that they have a vocabulary he is able to understand.

The Best Books Will Teach Him Something
Needless to say, the best books for homeschooling are those that will teach something to your child. It does not matter if it is something related to natural or social sciences, Geography, History, Maths or even values or social expected behaviors. What really matters is that the reading material you offer your child teaches him something in some way or other.

Many a time, it is your child’s own interests what leads him to choose the best books for him and what entices him to go on learning about that subject. For instance, if your child loves animals, he will probably be interested in learning about the different habitats where animals can live, their names, what they eat and what their habits are. It does not matter if he needs your help to read some words or to understand their meaning, this is all part of the reading process and you should encourage him to go on reading.