How Do You Choose the Best Books on Relationships? – The Answer Will Surprise You!

If you and your ex have just gone through a breakup, you may be in the market for some books about relationships. How do you choose the best books on relationships from the many offerings out there?

Within this article you will discover how you can choose the best books about relationships

You Will Be surprised by the answer. Read on . . .

First, and I know you have seen them, try not to pay attention to fancy initials or letters after the author’s name. In our society today there is an abundance of people that use school to escape from real life. These people spend their time doing research on past history in libraries or just spending time in their classrooms because this is easier than actually engaging with real people.

So, just due to natural progression, when they hit age 35, they have accumulated a lot of official sounding letters after their names.

The problem with that is, they don’t have any experience in how things work in the outside world. So no matter how many degrees they may have accumulated that show they have “expert knowledge”, none of that knowledge is based on actual experience.

Instead, you want to look for books by relationship authors that have actually “been there and done that” so to speak. These authors have frequently been involved in a personal relationship that went bad, that they put back together themselves. Or in some cases, they have helped an acquaintance or friend put a relationship of theirs back together. The people that the author helps are not just random therapy patients that have dropped by for their “50 minute consultation hour” either. These are actually relationships involving people the author cares deeply about.

Next, try to avoid books that are focused on “putting your relationship aside for a month and spending that time improving yourself”.

It is not uncommon to find a 50 page “get-your-ex-back” e-book on the market that someone has developed using these pieces of “fluff” that are not worthy of your attention or, more importantly, your money.

What you want to do instead is locate a book that actually provides you with new information – information that is not easily available through the advice of your friends.

For example, will an explanation of what women need most even be in the book? Will it provide any kind of step-by-step plan that shows you how to give her what she craves? Will the book you find suggest any specific techniques that will help you relieve the pain and help you recover from your recently ended relationship?

Lastly, consider the source of the recommendations for this book. If there are testimonials, do they seem realistic or far-fetched? Were the people that wrote them experienced, qualified people?

For your needs, you want relationship books that are recommended by a diversity of people in various situations and from different walks of life.

If the evidence presented in the book shows you that both a man from England and a recently engaged woman from Nevada have been helped, then there is a good chance that you will find it helpful in your situation as well.

Unfortunately although you will find an abundance of relationship books on the market, the majority of them are just drivel. The authors that wrote them lack the experience, education and ability to give you true advice on your relationship. The result is that you only get generic advice that really has little value.

Much as most areas of relationships require work, you may find that it takes a while to find the best books dealing with relationships. It is important that you invest your time, your money and your efforts to find the very best relationship book available.