How to Choose the Best Books on Relationships

First of all, don’t be misguided by a lengthy series of diplomas following an author’s name. Spending long years in school is an easy escape from the real world for some. These relationship gurus have spent more time studying in classrooms and libraries than interacting with real people. By the age of 35, they got advanced degrees in psychology without any real life experience. Now they are flaunting their degrees to prove that they are experts. But do you really believe that their expertise will be applicable in the real world?

Many self-proclaimed experts turn the concept of “save your relationship” or “get your ex back” into 60-page ebooks and made a killing by selling them online for 40 bucks. They are mostly not worth your attention or your money.

You should look for books on relationships written by authors who have been through the ups and downs in life. These authors have been through hell and made a comeback. They’ve either restored their own relationships that went wrong or helped others do the same. The books should tell you how to recover from the pain caused by a broken relationship by giving you specific techniques.

Ideal books on relationships should come recommended by people from all walks of life, not just the author’s cousins or brothers-in-law. There are hundreds of books on relationships on the market, but most of them are generic advice that could be summarized in two paragraphs. It takes a little work to find the best books on relationships. If maintaining or restoring a relationship is important to you, it is worth your time and effort to search for such books.