How to Find the Best Book on Relationships

A perfect relationship is hard to find. People are not prefect, so even if they have the best intentions these are not always enough to keep two people together. If you feel that your relationship is on shaky ground, or if your relationship has recently ended, then you may be interested in a good book on relationships. Relationship books are among the most popular categories of books, and there are so many new titles coming onto the market all the time. This makes it very difficult to know if you are purchasing the best book on relationships.

The first thing to remember is not to be impressed by the letters preceding the authors name. Basically all the letters mean is that the author has earned a degree of some kind(who knows if the credentials are legitimate?). A degree does not mean that the authors actually understand relationships. A degree does mean that they do understand what a text book says, they understand the theories, but unfortunately lets face it, practical experience is needed when giving relationship advice. When you are dealing with real people this kind of ‘text book’ experience does not mean much.

Life experience is what is need, not all the abbreviations behind a name, this is what you should be looking for. The kind of experience you should be looking for for instance is: How long have they been in a relationship? Have they been through a rough time in a relationship and were they able to fix it? A quick and easy way to find out is to read the authors bio near the front or back of the book as this will give you the information you will need to judge the authors experience when it comes to relationships.

Some books are so full of fluff, and they could be written up in one sentence “be nice to each other”. These books are not worth the money or time it takes to read them. The type of book you should be looking for are books that offer you new information, with several different solutions. Look for books that have specific steps rather than books with vague generalities.

A good rule of thumb when choosing a relationship book is to look who are recommending any of the books you are interested in. Do they actually mention actual situations and results? Read the recommendations, do these people come from different backgrounds and are they located in different places. If the many readers who are happy with the book, the book will more than likely be right for you.

There are many books out there about staying together or getting back together which are very poor indeed. There are however some that are very good. If you don’t find one right away, keep trying, because in the long run it will be worth it.