How To Find The Best Books On Relationships

Relationship is a vast and intricate subject. It is like a network with innumerable straight links and cross links. There could also be invisible links, links which exist but are not perceivable by us. With so much complexity in the structure of relationships, it is not surprising that people find problems cropping up even in well-entrenched and enduring relationships. Reading books on relationships is a way to get an understanding of the fundamental factors that are involved in forming, sustaining and affecting relationships.

If you have problems in your relationship, then you may be interested in books on relationships because you wonder what has caused the problem when you have been acting your part well. Though there are books on virtually any topic you can think of, relationship has been one of the most covered subjects by authors. This is because of the vast interest in the subject, with every one in this world having relationships and hence interested in knowing more about relationships. With the development of psychology and sociology, more and more areas of relationships are being probed and books appear on new topics hitherto not even heard of. Thus, you have a very wide range to choose from. Such a wide range also makes choosing a book difficult. The quality and standard of a book is another matter. This is often assumed to be there if the author is popular but this may not be the case always. You should look for certain clues and also avoid certain pitfalls.

A highly qualified author commands respect. But unfortunately, earning a degree not necessarily makes a person a scholar nor does it confer the gifts of writing on him. Yet people are taken in by the degrees earned by an author. Even if such an author were to be an expert, his or her knowledge may be only theoretical, unless the person has had some practical experience. So, understand two things about university degrees and research experience. Degrees do not necessarily mean expertise. And expertise may not translate into good writing.

So, you are close to finding out what to look for in an author. The important thing to look for is the author’s experience. A practicing psychiatrist with only a basic qualification is more likely to write a better book than a university professor with multiple degrees. A person who has learnt everything about relationship by spending time alone in a library cannot be expected to know about human problems as much as a person counseling people everyday as a part of his profession would.