One Way To Find The Best Affiliate Products Ever

The best affiliate products is such a large topic that I just get concerned for many people who want to “get in” on this affiliate game.

But the people who do that are going to fail. Why?

Because they treat it as a game, they do not treat it as it should be treated: as a business. It shouldn’t be called “affiliate marketing” because that is not correct. It is an affiliate business model.

A business therefore forces the owner to protect something that many marketers fail to mention “their reputation”. Sometimes it a reputation that sells product rather than the product itself, however if that product is of poor quality that reputation gets a hit and then following products have lesser value and sales.

So now that we have established that in reality you are now owning a business you need to have your business eyes on… all the time.

The best affiliate products are found when…

When many marketers suggest that you find what people want that is only really half the battle. What you really want is for you to figure out what those people require to help them along.

One example I gave in a forum is the Forex niche which is so over bloated with sham sites.

The best affiliate product would be what? An ebook?


First, who is your audience? Most likely the beginner section has been saturated but Forex traders who already know the business need that little edge. So they will go looking for it.

If you give them a $47 ebook that will greatly diminish your sites power. Why? Because there is no way a $47 ebook is going to instill confidence and power to these pro traders.

So we take a step back. How about if pro Forex traders gave interviews, tips or video training sessions for additional “pro” info? At a basic $200/month you would be commanding a presence that states “yep, it is expensive, but the information is priceless”. You could even have a seminar and charge an easy $1k/ head for attendance.

Then you could actually be the affiliate vendor and promote your now reoccurring revenue stream to others in the field who want “pro” info. As a matter of fact this model has been done by a medical marketing website who makes roughly $60k/month and is booked solidly.

That is the power of finding the best affiliate product. Is knowing who you are actually targeting and finding out if the products that you choose are actually right for that audience. I can guarantee that many Internet websites are a miss mash of beginner and pro info (with most being beginner), but if you market your website as the “best… ” then the best will only want the best.