How to Find the Best Books on Relationships by Following Your Intuition

Are you having difficulty attracting new love, understanding a confusing relationship or simply feel you want to be more in control of your dating life? This article will review how to find the best books on relationships or the right relationship advice using your intuition.

If you follow this process the right books on relationships will automatically find you, rather than struggling, searching, wasting money and time.

Eloise ran to the top deck of the cruise ship and threw herself on a recliner to sob. This cruise was the first time she was alone on a trip with her fiance.

Dinner was spent at a group banquet table with some other guests. There had been much laughter, joking and gaiety during dinner with the new friends she thought she had made.

However, her fiance had a different opinion. After dinner he took her aside to admonish her in a hushed, serious tone. He said their dinner companions were displeased with her. He claimed they asked him why she was so out of control, ridiculous and silly when she left the table during dinner.

She was shocked! First of all, everyone seemed so friendly. Why would anyone make a negative comment about her behind her back? She felt terribly confused, hurt and betrayed. But she couldn’t tell if she had been betrayed by the guests at dinner or her fiance. Her fiance had often upset her in similar ways, but there had always seemed to be a reasonable explanation.

The next morning she slowly cracked open her puffy eyes from crying, sat up in her bed and started to ask a higher power for guidance.

The first thing she felt was to go the ship’s library to attempt to find the right books on relationships for her situation. She was doubtful the ship’s limited library would have any helpful books, but she went anyway.

As she perused the choices, a book fell off the shelf in front of her.

The book was mind blowing. It described her situation exactly. From this book she recognized she was in a controlling, abusive relationship and it illuminated a path to safety. This story might sound extreme, but it is based on my actual life experience.

Books on relationships can be life changing, but only if you find the right ones. If you simply go to a book store and start reading a little of this one or that one, you might be missing the perfect book for your needs.

This is how to ask for guidance and receive it. I call it the R-A-R-E formula.

1. Relax. Get very quiet. You may do a meditation or simply be still for a few minutes.
2. Ask a higher power for assistance.
3. Receive intuitive guidance, which may come in the form of feelings, hunches or lucky coincidences leading you to find the best books on relationships for you.
4. Entirely. Follow what you are receiving in a state of letting go and surrender.

Receiving entirely is probably one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you are in pain and want a solution quickly.

Our first impulse is to want to “fix” the situation by taking action to control the outcome.

However, simply wait until you feel it is time to take action. Be passive and attentive to your feelings, thoughts and experiences. Your guidance will surface.

Next time you are trying to find books on relationships, take a deep breath, relax and ask for guidance. The perfect book will turn up. It just might fall off the shelf in front of you.

Book and Publication Surveys Can Help You Find the Best Books

I love to read. Newspapers, magazines, periodicals, books — I even gained 18 pounds one summer eating nothing but fortune cookies to get the delicious scraps of text inside. Suffice to say I take my literary input pretty seriously (and my nutritional input significantly less so). Even with my voracious appetite for literature, however, I can’t read everything. To decide what I should read, I often rely on book and publication surveys.

I started perusing book and publication surveys when I noticed a disturbing trend; I’d always been skeptical of the glowing reviews that adorn virtually every book’s dust jacket, but I began to see online reviews that seemed like little more than wholly biased marketing written on behalf of the author. With polls, however, I could get a more objective analysis of what a wide range of people thought about a given publication; information more valuable to me than one person’s review.

Even the most objective reviewer is but one person, who has her own taste and agendas. With book and publication surveys, I can seek those that ask the questions that I care about, to the people I most identify with. With the ever-growing canon of literature, being able to avoid wasting energy on reading I won’t find interesting is a great way to maximize my time. Books and publication surveys help me love reading even more by focusing my attention on what I’ll enjoy the most.

Whether you read every day or nearly never, finding the best material is important. Book and publication surveys can help you make sure you get the most out of every word. Your time is valuable: don’t waste it with something in which you’re not going to be interested.

How to Find the Best Books to Improve Your Study Skills

Every time I think of school I think of the endless lessons on Mathematics, History, English and Science. My head is like going to explode especially if I am all packed with lots and lots of information. I cannot just simple study all of these lessons simultaneously especially if the final examinations are coming. How can one memorize terms and definitions as well as problem solving solutions overnight? If your mind works like a computer then you are a lucky one but if your brain works like mine then you may look for books that offer ways on how you can improve your study skills. They do not give you instant results though but you can totally benefit from reading them because you will know the different ways on how to cope with your studies. Plus, it would be great if you try them one by one and find which suits you best.

I am not really promoting that you should buy these books but what I am trying to say is if your friend has these books or somebody you know then you can borrow from them. I am sure you will learn a lot of information from the content of the book. I remember when I was in elementary I bought one for myself and I learned that it is not advisable that you study immediately right after eating because there is less oxygen in the brain. It is being utilized while the digestion process is still taking place. That is the reason why we get so sleepy right after eating so it may be right to wait for a while. I was able to pick that useful information and used it till I was in college.

You have to remember that when you are studying, there are a few things that you have to consider. The environment plays a role so that you can study effectively. For example, there are people who can study with background music while others prefer it quiet. Some also like to study with a group while others prefer doing it individually. A good lighting is also necessary because you do not want to hurt your eyes or suffer from eye damage eventually. In addition, timing also varies. There are those who study effectively at night while others so early in the morning. It all really depends.

Improving your study skills takes time and effort. Books that can provide you valuable tips on how you can do so may be helpful but it would still be best if you can practice these skills effectively. You may be good in some subjects and terrible in some but that is just the way it goes. Moreover, you can still find ways on how you can deal with it and eventually formulate your own methods of studying effectively. Or you may also search online and find the best books that can improve your study skills.