The Best Books to Buy For a Toddler

Hopefully your toddler has been exposed to books from an early age. As a baby the best books would have been those with bold, simple patterns and pictures in contrasting colours such as black, white, red and yellow. As children get older their sight improves but they will still prefer books with clear, bright and colourful pictures. Toddler books should now have text in them, not too much and of a large, easy to read font. Most children enjoy being read to and you should try to incorporate some time for reading with your child into every day. Often bedtime is the one time of day when you can sit down quietly and read with your toddler. This quality parent/child time is valuable for bonding and strengthening your relationship with your child. The calming effects of a good bedtime story cannot be argued with.

There are classic books that all children should read and Disney stories do make great bedtime reading. Toddlers like to be independent so make sure that some of the books you buy for them have the thicker, cardboard pages making it easier for them to turn the pages so they read on their own. Books should be fun and topic books can be a great starting point for finding out if your toddler is interested in horses, cars or nature.

Great books for toddlers are interactive, those with different textures, flaps to lift, wheels to turn, lights and sound effects will be picked up by your toddler again and again. Books for toddlers need not be expensive and in fact will inevitably be subjected to some abuse. Try to teach your child about respecting books by sharing reading time with them and not eating food whilst touching books (although you will find that many toddler books have a glossy wipe clean finish).

Books about your toddlers favourite characters will be popular, so if you can use Dora, Little People, Cars or Thomas the Tank Engine to expose your child to the concepts of colours, numbers, alphabet and time then go for it. Books can be useful tools in teaching toddlers about manners and good behaviour. Your eventual hope is that your child will learn to read easily and have fun reading on their own. At first, read to your toddler, then, read with them. Talking about the books and the story will help them remember. Ask them to ‘read’ the story back to you and be amazed by how much they remember. Aim to read at least 3 books a day if you can (even if it is the same book over and over again every day) this way your toddler will learn to read and have fun with you at the same time.

Surround your toddler with good quality, well chosen books and you will encourage a lifelong reader.