Where to Find the Best Dog Training Books

To pick the best dog training book out of everything that’s available out there is quite a challenge. So much has been written about how to train your dog that hardly knows where to even start looking.

When I got my first dog I wanted to make sure it would get be best training I could give her as a brand-new owner of a puppy. I was in for a shock when I went online for some research and stumbled on some seven million websites with information on how to train a dog. How was I ever supposed to find the best dog training books in all of that?

So what I’m trying to do for you here is filter through this storm flood of information and get you the gist of what I found out.

One of the first things you want to do when looking for the best dog training books is to make sure the book in question caters to your dog’s age and type.

Many dog training books on the market cover the basic rules and training techniques that apply to any dog at any age. But if you want a program for your particular dog that best understands it, age-wise, breed-wise, etc., and best caters to its specific needs, you will find a long list of books specifically address what you’re looking for.

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of training are thinking about for your particular dog?

– Is general obedience what you’re looking for?

– Do you want it to learn different kinds of tricks?

– Are you trying to curb your dog’s aggressiveness?

– Is your dog going to be protecting you home?

– Is your dog a hunting breed? Will it have to fetch game or point?

Each of these questions has different answers and requires different kinds of training. Take a moment and think about what your plans are for your dog and what kind of behavior you want to strengthen in it and then research for a specialty book or DVD series that caters to your dog’s specific needs.